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  Recent Discussion Board Posts
Anyone want to go to Richmond, KY? by Reed
We have a job coming up in the very near future (as soon as the end of this week) operating a DA tan...
Anyone want to go to Normal, IL? by Reed
We have a project operating boilers in Normal, IL.  The boiler will be 150 Hp and the pressure ...
R stamp by victor1
Hi guys, We need to replace both condensate return and blow down tanks do to corrosion. Can i have ...
Cooonductivity by klumberg
We have a goal of 4000-5000 conductivity for a 400hp boiler set for 132psi steam. What is the effect...
Draft by klumberg
I operate a 400hp Keeler Dorr-Oliver wood burning boiler. The boiler is in a veneer mill and burns w...
Affidavit from the Chief by larrytelcom
Hey guys I have a question my boss has stated that he will not sign an affidavit until he feels that...
untreated water by rfish
The 2 cast plate boilers in our plant have not had the water tested in years .What is the first step...
Educational Offset and Provisional license by larrytelcom
I was reading over the state requirements for the various class of MN ...
Fire door gasket material by JimJohn
I recently started with an organization which operates and maintains around 30 low pressure st...
prior to boiler start up by Aaron Dixon
I operated a cleaver brooks 400hp boiler in a box plant. This boiler would operate 5 days a week and...
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